4 - 20 mA Test Unit - BT420+ (obsolete)

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Replaced by BT4200 : See new features...
The BT420+ is a small generator portable of current equipped with indicators of control of the value of the signal in milliamperes. The unit makes it possible either to generate a current to calibrate any chart with 4-20mA input, or to simulate or check the analogic sensor signal.Fitted with 7 LED’s calibration value, this unit is useful to check any current system. Connected with a milli-amperemeter unit control, the BT420+ provides a very accurate current on the total range current.

Mechanical specifications

- Pocket unit supplied with 2 wires 0.50m with clamps.
- Dimension: L: 121 mm, W: 52 mm, H: 45 mm.

Electronical specifications

- Current generator from 0 to 29 mA.
- Reverse polarity protection.
- Current adjustement by 2 trimming potentiometers.
- Regulator mode : 29 mA (max) under 40 VDC max.
- Selection mode by switch.
- Supplied with 2 x 9VDC batteries.
- LED control : 1, 4, 8, 12 16, 20 and 25 mA.

1 year warranty.


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