4-20 mA loop lightning protector - PLUG24

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Protection of 4-20mA transmitters or any system powered by low voltage and exposed to electric shocks. This protection unit fits in serial mode between the electronic to protect and the signal line transmission. Model PLUG24 is particularly adapted for a functional tension of 24VDC.

Mechanical specifications

- Modular unit with DIN standard clamps, fitted with front screw connectors.
- Size: H: 60 mm, L: 23 mm, D: 75 mm.

Electronical specifications

- Using voltage: nominal/maximal: 24 VDC/27 VDC.
- Static voltage breakdown: 30VDC.
- Impédance: 2 x 4 ohms.
- Max discharge: 10 kA wave 8/20.

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