PCP-5X - standalone installation for level transmitters with AL402 Display.

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Provides a standalone installation, for direct reading level on the integrated display.

The PCP5x is a mounting option of our level transmitters, which includes an AL402 display in a portable reel.

From a simple and reliable design, this system is particularly suitable for drilling site and any temporary installation.


AL402 Display

- Self powered on a signal of 3-30 mA.
- 3 ½ digit LCD display, 2,000 points, digit height 12.7 mm.
- Voltage drop at maximum line less than 2 volts.
- Zero, the full scale of the point in the front.
- Protected against overvoltage and overcurrent up to 150 mA continuous.

Level transmitter

Specifications are those of the selected transmitter.
- The reel allows up to 100 meters of cable.

Test button

To check the battery status, press the button. You must get at least the value of the full scale of the connected sensor (eg> 10.00 for a probe 10m PE).


9 volt battery provides an average battery life of 46 hours of continuous measurements.


1 year.

Datasheet PCP-5X

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