CP5400. Pluggable Pressure Transmitter

10 bars IP68 max - 3/8’’ connector
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Measurement, control and process of hydraulic or pneumatic pressure on pipe, for any fluid even mud agent, compatible with large stainless steel (connectable model).

The pressure measurement is performed through the differential pressure between atmospheric pressure and liquid pressure. The pressure is converted into electric signal by ceramic technology to provide a 4/20mA output signal on 2 wires.


- Full-scale (F.S.) between 10 bars to 25 bars. (Upon request.)
- Equivalent water height : 100 to 250 meters.
- Standard range : 10 bars, 16 bars, 20 bars and 25 bars.
- Hysteresis : 0.2 % F. S. (Under constant temperature.)
- Non linearity : 0.50 % F. S.
- Operating temperature : from -20°C to +80°Celsius (-4°F to 176°F)

Mechanical specifications

- Stainless steel 316L 3/8’’ BSPC pressure connector.
- Electrical connector : DIN 43650 (A).
- Diameter tube : 26mm, overall 30mm, height: 95 mm, weight: 260 g without cable.
- Supplied normally with 2 meters of shielded cable. (More cable upon request.)
- Protection index : IP65.

Electronical specifications

- Ceramic gauge.
- 4/20mA output signal on 2-wire loop.
- Non linearity : 0,10 % F.S. , hysteresis : 0,05 % FS..
- Voltage supply between 6 to 38VDC.
- EMC appliance : EN 50 081-2, EN 50 082-2.

Using instructions

Using the transmitter doesn’t need any setting (done in factory).

When installing the transmitter, pay attention to the cable (avoid using sharp tools,...) : Some fluid might filter into the transmitter.

Pay attention to the polarity when connecting device : A wrong connexion won’t damage the transmitter, but the result would be a null signal.

Use a sufficient voltage to compensate impedance of cable and devices on the loop (display,...).

You may use the following formula :

Vmin(power supply) = 7V + (Total Impedance x 0.02 A)

Usually, a 12VDC or 24VDC supply is enough.


To check the transmitter : Unplug the transmitter and plug it to a 9VDC battery. Insert a milliammeter in the loop. Check the signal : You should read 4mA when transmitter is out of water (atmospheric pressure) and 20mA when Full scale pressure. Between both values, you should see :

signal(mA) = (16 x P(bars) / F.S.(bars)) + 4mA

P (bars) = (signal(mA) - 4mA) x F.S.(bars) / 16


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