Pressure Datalogger - PIC10 (Obsolete, replaced with EPR40)

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Obsolete : See replacement EPR40.

Solid pressure datalogger directly connecting on fire-hydrant or domestic water supply.
Fitted with many supplements accessories in a portable case.
1 year autonomy with 16000 data.


- Reference PIC10: 10 bars full scale.
- Reference PIC16: 16 bars full scale.

Mechanical specifications

- Pressure datalogger fitted in fire-hydrant DN100 connector.
- Housing directly fitting on fire-hydrant or quick system connector for domestic water supply.
- Equipment putting in a plastic case, dim 420 x 210 x 180 mm.
- Fitted with quick and DIN100 connectors, and tightening wrench.

Electronical specifications

- Pressure sensor 10 (or 16) bars connected on datalogger 255 points, eq. 40 (or 64) mbars/pt.
- Remote excitation pressure by the datalogger.
- Measurement frequency from 1 seconde to 10 days.
- Starting delayed up to 45 days.
- 16000 data storage on non-volatil memory.
- RS232 data transfert (OTLM/GLM software and cable optional : PIC-PC).
- 1 year power supply by 3.6V lithium battery.

Using instructions

Fitting in 5 minutes on fire-hydrant with DN100 connector, or on domestic water supply wit quick system connector. Licensed product Lyonnaise des Eaux.

2 year warranty.

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