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Record on 12 bits of four voltage, current and temperature signals up to 43000 data. The data-logger unit LOG40 is composed of a recorder DAT40 and a control unit LOG420 for 4-20mA signal. This unit provides the power supply and the 4-20mA loop remoting, making it possible to obtain a very significant autonomy of the loop of current with the use of two 9 volts battteries.

Mechanical specifications

Stand-alone waterproof unit, the LOG40 is composed of a data-logger DAT40 getting 4 inputs by stereo jack 2,5mm, an interface USB, a pilot red LED, a pushbutton for manual starting, and a control unit LOG420 ensuring the power supply and a loop 4-20mA remoting.

Dimension: 125 X 160 X 78 mm

Weight: : 550 grams

Technical specifications

- Input: 4 configurable inputs for voltage, current or T° signals
- Range: 0 à 2,5 Vcc, 4-20mA, Pt 100, Pt 1000 …
- Frequency logging: from 1 data per seconde to 1 data per 18 hours
- Resolution: Recording on 12 bits, as 0,6 mV
- Accuracy: +/- 2mV (as + / - 1%)
- Timer accuracy: +/- 1 minute / month @ 25°C
- Operating conditions: from -20°C to +70°C and 95% relative humidity
- Battery lifetime: 1 year for a typical use
- Memory: 64 Ko (as 43000 measurements/12 bits)

Data-logger configuration

The recorder DAT40 must be connected by USB port to the PC and be configured beforehand using the software. You can configure the data-logger before, and connect it in last minute on site and launch starting by the push-button.
For starting, you can choose, either an immediate departure, or a programmable delayed start, or a manual departure on site by pushbutton (by pushing during 3 seconds on this one). Red Led informs each measurement acquisition. (Moreover, if you use the Log420 4-20mA control, a green LED of synchronization will also indicate each acquisition).

To take off the data, you just connect USB port, and follow the instructions of the software. You can download the data without stopping the acquisition of measurements. For all the details on the programming, the reading and the visualization of the recording data, please check the instruction manual of the software.

Data sampling and recording

The data-looger can record 3 types of data:
- data "events" which can occur any time : push-button action, connection to the PC, stop of the recording, weak battey, end of file.
- measurement data corresponding to the intputs selected during the configuration.
- the voltage of the internal pile.
The data-logger stores 64Ko data corresponding to 43000 values.

Data downloading

To download the data, it is sufficient to open the waterproof case, then to connect port USB of the DAT40 and download the data (never connect it if the temperature is lower than 0°C!). You can also disconnect the signal inputs and take the LOG40 to the technical center for the transfer.


The lifetime depends on the temperature and the frequency of acquisition. The lifetime of a new battery is approximately 1 year for a use with an one minute sampling interval.

- DAT40 data-logger

The data-logger DAT40 has a lithium battery, 3 volts type Cr-2032, 180mAh, diameter 20mm, thickness 3,2mm.

To replace the battery, open the waterproof case, disconnect the recorder of the PC (if this one is connected by port USB), unscrew the top of the DAT40 and slip the battery out of its support (by checking the right way of the battery). Insert a new battery by respecting the polarity, put back the top carefully and screw up it.

- LOG420 control-unit

To replace the battery of the 4-20mA signal and control-unit , open the waterproof case of the LOG40, then disconnect the two 9 volts batteries and replace them. If you don’t stop the running recording, you will have aberrant measurements during the time of the replacement.



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