CP5220. Submersible level transmitter for water tank

Diameter : 31mm - up to 30 meters deep
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Water level measurement, control and process for tanks and water towers. The level measurement is performed through the differential pressure measurement between liquid surface and the submersible sensor. The pressure is converted into electric signal by piezo-electric gauge to provide a 4/20mA output signal on 2 wires.


- Full-scale (F.S.) between 0.5 m to 30m. (Full-scale 20mA adjusted to the required value by Hitec).
- Equivalent pressure: 0.05 bar to 3 bars.

Mechanical specifications

- Stainless steel 316L housing, and PVC tip.
- Diameter: 31mm, height: 150 mm, weight: 435 g without cable.
- Fitting by the suspension cable supplied with a hanging system KITCAB.
- Supplied normally with 10 meters of shielded cable and internal tube or more upon request.

Electronical specifications

- Piezo-resistive gauge with silicone coating.
- 4/20mA output signal on 2-wire loop.
- Non linearity: 0,15 % F.S. , hysteresis : 0,1 % F.S.
- Temperature operating range: From 2°C to 50°Celsius.
- Voltage supply between 6 to 38 VDC.
- Fitted with lightning protector PSE30V in waterproof box.

Using instructions

Submersible transmitter fitted in 5 minutes by hanging the cable with KITCAB system. Connection through the lightning protector PSE30V in waterproof box with air pressure adjustement.


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