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Since 1988, HITEC, specializes in design and industrial manufacturing of water level and pressure instruments: level transmitters, level sensor, pressure transmitters, digital display, lightning protector.

Our engineering department also develops customized and complete systems of data-loggers.

Our commitments: very short delivery time, 2 years warranty for all the level transmitters and an ’’express’’ after-sales service.

Our knowledge and our professionalism make us partners with the great names of water distribution:
VIVENDI - Générale des Eaux, SAUR, Lyonnaise des Eaux. (Whole list...)

- New products :

Provides a standalone installation, for direct reading level on the integrated display.


The PCP5x is a mounting option of our level transmitters, which includes an AL402 display in a portable reel.



Improved CN515, CN523 level contactor is used to switch directly mains powered equipment.

Following the evolution of process wastewater (increasing concentrations of H2S, ...) the level transmitter CP5240 (CP5230 evolution) now becomes the sensor clean.

We reserve the use of the CP5230 to surface waters (rivers, canals, muddy water).

Until 4 switch relays, linearisation (volume display for instance), 24V power supply for sensors...



Level / Volume (linearisation) display unit with bargraf and management of 2 relays.

Very easy to use, tough box.

Alternate pump operation control allowed.







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